Martin Long, your UCP candidate for West Yellowhead

Like many who now call Alberta home, I moved to West Yellowhead more than a decade ago because I believed that in Alberta, through hard work, determination, and sacrifice, anyone could prosper.  But I see how the NDP’s misguided and out of touch regulations and taxes are pushing jobs out of the province, squeezing working families, and eroding the Alberta Advantage that helped my family thrive.  I chose to get involved in politics because the people of West Yellowhead deserve better. We shouldn’t have to feel like a revenue source for an NDP government that has been lock-step with Justin Trudeau in attacking the industry that powers our economy.  As a lifelong volunteer, I know the positive impact we can have on our community and that’s why I want to work with Jason Kenney and our UCP team to stop the NDP and help restore the Alberta Advantage.